Causes Of Climate Change

South Africa Will Use Solar Power to Fight Climate Change

This week South Africa announces plans to build the planet's largest solar energy park.

Uh Oh: Climate Change Confuses Most Americans

Americans are still befuddled by climate change. Where will they turn for answers? (Here on the internet of course!)

Why's Climate Change Day of Action Could Be So Much More's efforts to change climate policy are misplaced, though well-intentioned. The group has the power to do more.

Why Does the World Bank Keep on Funding Climate Change?

Analyses show World Bank-funded coal and oil projects supposed to help the world's poor actually do anything but.

Why Closing Oregon's Boardman Coal Plant Makes Sense

Closing this plant by 2015 would set a national precedent. But our northern neighbors have already shown how it’s done.

Which Businesses Are Leading the Climate Change Charge?

The Carbon Disclosure Project released a report on business climate change leaders. Who tops the list may surprise you.

Business Done Better Reduces Causes of Climate Change in Australia

One of Australia's largest timber companies, says it will end its logging of old growth forests in Tasmania.

Poll Shows US Population Supports Curbing Causes of Climate Change

A new poll shows overwhelming support for EPA action to regulate carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

Can Insurers Help Climate Change Adaptation?

Do insurers have the answers to dealing with climate change?

Northwestern US Holds Key to Stopping Global Causes of Climate Change

Proposals to export coal from the Northwest to China threaten efforts to reduce global causes of climate change.


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