Causes Of Climate Change

Climate Change Concerns Hand Australian Greens Victory

Australia's election experience highlights how effective democracy helps make action on climate change more possible.

10/10/10: Reset for Fighting Climate Change

What’s become clear is that the fossil fuel industry, the most profitable enterprise known to man, defeated the Senate’s watered-down climate change legislation this summer without even breaking a sweat.

One Oregon Neighborhood's Quest for Climate Change Solutions

In Corvallis, Oregon, community solutions to climate change and fossil fuel dependence are already underway.

Coal Ash: Why hasn't it Been Strictly Regulated?

“People living near unlined coal ash ponds can have an extremely high 1 in 50 risk of cancer. That is more than 2,000 times higher than what the EPA considers acceptable.”

Around the World, Plastic Bag Bans Cut Waste and Carbon Emissions

From Mexico City to China, governments are working to eliminate plastic shopping bags. Who will be next to ban the bag?

General Mills Addresses Palm Oil’s Climate Change Impact

The company has announced it will adopt a policy to reduce its reliance on rainforest-destroying food ingredients.

Good News on Climate Change from Malaysia

Today the Malaysian state of Sabah rejected plans for a coal plant in the heart of country's rainforest ecosystems.

Russian Heat Wave to Spur Climate Innovation?

The Russian heat wave is shifting discussions on climate, and could spur Russia to look for climate change solutions.

Ecuador Steps Closer to Historic Climate Change Deal

A landmark agreement could help preserve Ecuador's Amazon and keep millions of barrels of oil in the ground.

Can Biochar Solve Climate Change?

A new study shows biochar can sequester carbon and reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Is it a climate change solution?


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