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Honda Announces Plans to Cut Carbon Emissions with New Cars

Earlier today, Japanese automaker Honda announced that it was ready to start thinking about reducing carbon emissions and start seriously developing for the electric and hybrid automobile market. In that past, Honda has, much like Toyota, shown a lack of interest in electric cars due to the obvious drawbacks electric vehicles tend to have.

Nevada Releases Impressive Geothermal Energy Figures

In preparation for the GEA Geothermal Energy and Utilities, Co-ops and Public Power Workshop that is to be held this Thursday in Las Vegas, the state of Nevada has compiled a series of facts about the state’s ongoing geothermal energy projects. According to current figures, the state of Nevada is one of the largest users and fasting growing adapters in the geothermal field.

How to Make the Senate Energy and Emissions Legislation Work

Otto von Bismarck once said that “Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see either of them being made.” You’re on your own with the sausage, but we need to pay attention to the energy and emissions legislation being worked right now in the Senate.

Boeing's Phantom Eye is the Cutting Edge of Unmanned Alternative Fuel Aircraft

Along with Airbus, Boeing is one of the big commercial aircraft company names that get thrown around when it comes to biofuel and renewable energy powered aircraft. Both companies have made some progress in the field and each keeps promising to continue working until they develop some sort of viable alternative to current jet fuels.

Egyptian Renewable Energy Plans Utilize Both Wind and Solar Power

While renewable energy may not be the first idea people have when thinking about Egypt, there are several obvious images come to mind. One of the most prominent of these images is the sun scorched deserts that dominate most of Egypt’s geography. Thanks to the endless supply of sun and open land, Egypt seems ideally placed to be one of the leading solar energy producers in that region.

Why Energy and Emissions Legislation Will Make Ducks Walk

Energy and Emissions (and a lot of other) legislation is pretty nearly at a stand still in the US Senate. Very little makes it out of that august chamber. And what DOES make it out is so watered down that the ducks at the nearest reservoir have to walk to dinner each time something passes.

Germany Says They Will have 100% Renewable Energy in 2050

In Europe, the growth of the renewable energy industry has continued to increase as many of the nations reach for their set goals. Most of the European Union states hope to reach 12% of electricity derived from renewable energy sources by the end of this year and many are either nearing their objective or have exceeded it.

Nuclear Waste Is a Two-ended Problem

The New York Times ran a piece recently asking if the solution to America’s nuclear waste problem was in France. France has a state of the art nuclear waste processing facility in La Hague. To quote the Times:

Scottish Renewable Energy Grant Aims to Gather Power from Waves

Several wave energy projects in Scotland have received a new boost from the government WATERS grant.


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