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When my wife and I got married, we planned a wedding where the guests prepared the feast – barbecuing the salmon, churning the ice cream, making the salad. It was dictated more by economic considerations than anything else. But the result was educational. Even today (26 years later) people will tell us it was the best and most memorable wedding they had been to. What is it they remember?

Solar Impulse Prepares to Launch a 24 Hour Flight in a Plane Run on Renewable Energy

The Solar Impulse project has developed a solar powered airplane that they hope to use to circumnavigate the world.

Free Electricity Points Out Our Challenge With Renewables

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is a US Government agency responsible for selling the electricity generated by the monstrous dams on the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. By and large it goes to publicly owned utilities. Excess is sold to commercial utilities. But this spring was a little different.

New Renewable Energy Programs in Paris Harness the Power of Water

Paris has several programs underway that aim to turn the city into a more environmentally friendly location.

Range and Reduced Carbon Emissions: When will Electric Cars Go Farther?

While electric cars already have several bonuses when it comes to reducing carbon emissions range is still an issue.

Carbon Emissions Capture & Storage Is a Fool’s Bet

When energy and emissions legislation reaches the Senate floor – and I’m not holding my breath here – it may or may not have a cap on carbon emissions, i.e. it may or may not include the single most effective mechanism identified by economists to reduce our carbon emissions.

The U.S. Armed Forces Moves to Oust Fossil Fuels for Renewable Energy and Biofuels

The U.S. Armed Forces are working on several projects that are aimed at reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy from Beneath the Waves

Tidal power still has a ways to go before it is widely accepted as a viable source of renewable energy.

China Juggles an Increase in Carbon Emissions and Renewable Energy Plans

A new study shows that China's carbon emissions have gone up in the last year while the country continues to develop.

Ethanol is Determined to Make its Place in the World of Biofuels

Today the 2010 Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo started with a welcome speech by Tom Bryan, the Vice President of BBI International, a North Dakota based company dedicated to the production of ethanol and biofuels. The conference, now in its 26th year, provides a platform for the discussion of the development of the ethanol fuel industry and a showcase to display new technologies and systems utilizing ethanol as a biofuel.


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