Clean Energy

Solar Cells that Regenerate like Leaves Aim to Push Renewable Energy into the Future

The constant movement forward into the future with solar power for renewable energy has led to researchers constantly striving to find new ways to increase the efficiency of our solar systems.

Could Bacteria be the Future of Biofuels and Clean Energy?

Methods of generating clean energy and biofuels come from a variety of different resources that occur naturally.

A Second Oil Explosion in the Gulf

Mother Nature makes her point the hard was as new disaster highlights need for clean energy innovation.

24/7 Renewable Energy: SmartGen's Goal in Keeping Wind Turbines Spinning

Harnessing the wind to generate renewable energy is one of the most popular methods of going green because it deals with a very abundant and easily used resource: the wind. However, the main issue with installing and operating a wind farm, aside from the large amount of space a bigger farm would need, is the simple fact that the wind just does not blow all the time.

Wendell Berry's Integrative Philosophy of Life and Energy

Wendell Berry supports doing "Business Better" by teaching the interconnectedness of things.

Seven Closing Arguments on Biofuels

There’s a persistent dream that if we just brew enough biofuels we can continue living the way we do – commuting 50 miles to work each day, flying strawberries in from Argentina in January, and driving a warehouse on wheels to lower prices.

Wind Energy: Killing Migratory Birds?

“Recent U.S. studies indicate that bird mortality at wind turbine projects varies from less than one birds/per turbine/year to as high as 7.5 birds/per turbine/year. The latter fatality rate was at Buffalo Mountain, TN, where three turbines are in use.”

Saudi Arabian Renewable Energy Plans Show Promise

With much of the country’s wealth based around the oil industry, Saudi Arabia is fairly secure as far as energy is concerned. However, because there is a plenty of cash to spend, the current King of Saudi Arabia has decided it might be time to start seriously investing in the development of renewable energy.

Crossing Energy's Social Divide (PART ONE): Class and Power and Justice in Contemporary America

Abraham Lincoln loved the wind as a source of energy; maybe a bunch of wealthy absentee landowners in MI know better.


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