Clean Energy

An Energy Pioneer's Second Youth As a Human Advocate: Off the Grid, but Not Off His Rocker

Don Harris is the sort of leader we need today - someone who leads by example and spirit and keen intellect, not ego.

North Carolina's Outer Banks Get Ready for Another Clean Energy Plan

While some areas of the United States are leading the way in renewable energy innovation, others aren’t so ahead of the game.

New Progress in Tidal and Wave Power Gives Hope for Ocean Based Clean Energy

On a daily basis, scientists continue to try and find a way to efficiently gather sizable amounts of clean energy from the ocean. Whether it is from the power of the tides or the constant rolling of the waves, nearly every nation bordering the ocean has invested some money in research for ocean power. Recently, some progress was seen in the United States where an all new tidal generator was tested and in Australia where they have started looking into wave energy.

'No Hot Air' About Renewable Energy While Blowing Smoke: David Mackay plays 'Brutus' to the Sun's 'Caesar'

Unbiased perspectives on controversial subjects probably don't exist. Certainly this is true of Dr David Mackay's work.

Using Art to Start Clean Energy Conversations

An example from Portland, Oregon shows how art and creativity can help drive the clean energy message home.

The CLEARgen Hydrogen Power Generator Rolls Out to Produce Clean Energy

While hydrogen has its fair share of critics, especially in the automotive industry, many people still believe that hydrogen can be used as a viable source of clean energy. The element itself is found in fairly abundant and happens to be one of the most common elements on Earth thanks to the fact that it is an important component in water.

Put a Wind Turbine in Your Tank

People of a certain age will remember putting a “tiger in your tank” at the Esso gasoline station. I remember being really happy when they gave us a furry little tiger tail to stick out of the gas tank hatch. Well the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is going us one better. They want to help you put a wind turbine in your water tank.

Portugal is Poised to Become Europe's Next Renewable Energy Giant

The development of renewable energy in many European countries has progressed rather fast over the course of the last decade. I wrote not too long ago about Germany’s incredible progress and their potential to reach 100% renewable energy in the next forty years.


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