Climate Bill

New Poll Finds Americans Like What the EPA Does (Surprise?)

A new report calls out Newt Gingrich. Does it also show a change of direction for climate change communication?

How Fixing the Filibuster Will Help Fix Climate Change

On Wednesday, the US Senate has a chance to reform its rules and make sweeping climate legislation possible.

EPA Implements New Climate Change Regulations

The EPA has started to regulate greenhouse gases. It's about time.

California Prepared to Put Climate Change Law into Action

After a public mandate in support of clean energy, California is deciding how its climate bill will be implemented.

Cancun Climate Agreement Wrap Up

The climate change talks in Cancun are over. There were some steps forward but also some big issues still on the table.

Cancun Climate Talks and U.S. Position

Schwarzenegger Announces New Climate Change Alliance

A new group of subnational partners looks to lead the charge on climate change. Will it be effective?

Obama Administration and Energy Policy Post-Midterm Elections

And the Worst Climate Change Denier Award Goes To...

Who takes the cake as the biggest climate change denier? Repower America asked, their members answered. Find out who...

Vote: Climate Change Matters

Your vote today will have ramifications well into the future for many things, including climate change. Vote smart!


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