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Inspiration from Rothbury UK

I was watching BBC this morning and came across a very inspiring story that I really want to share.


Learning from an economic downturn

The net effect of the economic downturn on carbon emissions is debatable. On the one hand, less economic growth means less flying, less driving, less building, less heating, less steak eating, and generally less carbon emitting. But on the other hand, these things mean cheaper oil, less environmentally considerate investments, and more short-term thinking by consumers and politicians.

The Low Down on the Smart Grid

Talk about the Smart Grid has been in the news a lot lately and $11 billion have been dog-eared  for Smart Grid infrastructure in the House version of the US stimulus package. While we often hear that it is ‘necessary’ or ‘revolutionary’ most people, like me, have no idea why or if it is either. I did some research and here is what I found:

The Future of Renewable Energy Looks Bright Again

At the year-end prospects for renewable energy looked very, very bleak. Article headlines read "Green Bubble Goes 'Pop"" (WSJ), "Gathering Clouds" (The Economist), and "Financial Crisis; The End of Green?" (RES). A reading of the Wilderhill New Energy Global Innovation Index that tracks the performance of large energy stocks worldwide shows almost a 70 per cent drop between the start of 2008 and November. Below you can see for yourself the dismal daily PBW and cash flow trends in the last few months.

Monitoring Home Energy Use is Fashionable

Three recent Royal College of Art students have brought to market an extraordinarily fun and fashionable product called Watson. Watson, seen below, monitors your household energy usage in real time and reminds you how you're doing with a real cost figure, and more subtle shades of green red and blue light.

Google's Intractable Problem

Last week a Harvard physicist, Alex Wissner-Gross, made an important, rather frustrating, and ultimately quite sad finding; just two Google searches generate an estimated 5-10 grams of C02.

Warmer Can Mean Colder

<p>2008 was yet another record year for wacky weather and global warming was a significant catalyst. As the world's greatest polluter, it is sadly fitting that the United States should endure many of the greatest hardships from weather during the final month of 2008.

It's not about global warming

<p>As a cold snap envelops much of the country, I'm reminded of a big concern I have about the environmental movement precipitated by fears of global warming.</p>
<p>What if people get bored with the issue because nothing happens for decades?</p>

The Case for Higher U.S. Gas Taxes

<p><strong>I Hate Taxes</strong> <br /> <br /> I have to be honest. I don't like to pay taxes any more than anyone else does. I do not feel like a patriot when I write a check to the IRS.


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