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African Nations Propose Growing Profits With Carbon Trading

At a meeting of 50 African nations held in Algeria in November, an agreement was reached that Africa should "speak with one voice" to pursue a larger influence in shaping the successor to the Kyoto Protocol, set to expire in 2012.    If these countries prevail, future carbon trading programs will resemble three-cornered stools, with Africa, previously left out of reaping most of the benefits of such programs, sitting pretty.

Setting The Record Straight on "Green"

<p style="text-align: justify;">We see it everywhere these days -- the call to "Go Green!"&nbsp; TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, books, and the Internet, the barrage of advice to green your home, your life and your business is inescapable.&nbsp; As a rather vocal environmentalist, entrepreneur and MBA, I

The Gift of Sustainability

<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" hspace="10" vspace="5" align="right" />Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, let's pause to remember how much pollution and other damage to the environment often are caused by life in the industrialized world.

A Report Both Sombre & Sobering

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span style="font-size: small; font-family: Times New Roman;">As organisations like JustMeans and 21 "Century Network try to create a more just and sustainable world by bringing companies and people together and encouraging public debate so as to encourage positive change, a soberin

Lesson in Practical Sustainability from the South Pacific

<p>International air traffic into Orlando International Airport has been on the rise in recent months because of the Open Skies accords negotiated between the United States government and European powers. If you have noticed flights to London&rsquo;s Heathrow airport from your city suddenly shifting to Gatwick, the cause is the same. Nevertheless, while transatlantic nonstop flights from Orlando have grown in frequency and variety, the aircraft have shrunk.<br /><br />It used to be that the Boeing 747 was the main aircraft of choice because of its payload and range.

We cannot afford green tech initiatives

<p>I was reading <a title="The Climate for Change" href=";scp=3&amp...">Al Gore's op-ed in

Can't See The Wood For The Trees

<p>What I love about life is that there is just so much of it, and no knowing all of it. I don&rsquo;t think I could ever be bored &ndash; there is just too much going on and I am almost overwhelmed by the information I have access to through television, the internet, the papers, magazines, just being in London.

Worse Being Right?

<p>It is human nature to be right. It certainly is true in my case. However, I have learned to temper the need in order to be an acceptable member of society. There remains in my, though, one area in which I refuse to compromise: my assertion about the causes and urgent effects of global warming.</p>
<p>For the first few years of the new millennium, I was mildly tolerant of skeptics of the climate crisis but began losing my patience very quickly when I became a leader in the Sierra Club of Central Florida.</p>

The Future of Conservation

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From the Lutzowufer: Climate Change

<p class="MsoNormal">Indur Goklany works part of the time for the American Federal Government. Which I presume is like saying Al Gore works for Apple. The public persona of Dr. Goklany is defined by other commitments.</p>


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