Climate Bill

Could Efforts to Save California’s Climate Change Law be a Model for National Policy?

The California-based coalition working to defeat Prop 23 sets an example for the fight for a national climate bill.

Climate Change Legislation: Dead for Years to Come?

"In a rare feat, Congress seems to have frustrated everyone.”

Why's Climate Change Day of Action Could Be So Much More's efforts to change climate policy are misplaced, though well-intentioned. The group has the power to do more.

Fight Against Climate Change Brings Solar Power to the White House

Sure it's a mainly symbolic move, but the announcement could be a forerunner of still greater things to come.

Which Businesses Are Leading the Climate Change Charge?

The Carbon Disclosure Project released a report on business climate change leaders. Who tops the list may surprise you.

What Would be the Ideal Climate Bill?

Climate Change Concerns Hand Australian Greens Victory

Australia's election experience highlights how effective democracy helps make action on climate change more possible.

Report Shows Obama Can Take on Climate Change Without Congress

A new report outlines how the federal government can act on climate change, even in the absence of new legislation.

US EPA Refuses to Stall Action on Climate Change

Today the EPA stood up for science and rejected ten petitions challenging its endangerment finding on greenhouse gases.

Obama’s Request for Climate Change Funding in FY2011 Revealed

The Obama Administration has put out its request for climate change funding in FY2011. Where's the money going?


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