Climate Bill

Obama Pushes Climate Bill: Now it's Time to Keep Up the Pressure

On Wednesday, President Obama pledged to finally pass a climate change bill. But will words translate to action?

Bill Tackles Oil Dependence and the Root Causes of Climate Change

Senator Bernie Sanders has a bright idea to address two big oil-related problems at once.

Climate Change Negotiations Has a Fresh Face to Lead

Will climate change negotiations head in a new direction with the new UNFCCC Secretary?

World People's Conference on Climate Change: An Alternative to Copenhagen and Cancun?

The World People's Conference on Climate Change gives a voice to the people who will be most affected by climate change

EPA Issues New Report on Climate Change

facts on global warming, effects of climate change, causes of climate change

Is Lindsey Graham Scuttling the Senate Climate Bill a Bad Thing?

Lindsey Graham might be bailing on the "tripartisan" Senate climate bill. Is that such a bad thing?

Climate Change Vocabulary: Adaptation Versus Mitigation

The first in a series of posts about the vocabulary of climate change.

Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Science

James Hansen, NASA's top climate scientist, should focus on the science if he wants to see carbon emission reductions.

Greenland Policy: New Hydrogen Plant for Renewable Energy

Greenland's First Hydrogen Plant inaugurated; World changing technology for renewable energy

Climate Change to Increase Ground-Level Ozone, Smog, and Air Pollution

Climate change is likely to increase ground-level ozone, smog, and air pollution - making it harder to breathe


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