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Renewable Energy Series: Wave Technology the Oyster, Sea Level Rise no Problem

Renewable Energy Series: Wave Technology the Oyster; sea level rise is no problem for this technology.

India Endorses Copenhagen Accord, Looks to Lead UNFCCC

India is showing the world that it wants to take the lead on international climate change negotiations.

COP15 is over, when is COP16?

When and where is the next major climate change conference, COP16?

Climate Change Communication Challenges Part 3: Visualizing Climate Change

Part 3 of a three part series about the challenges of communicating climate change.

What is Carbon Cap and Trade? In Europe? In the US? Part 1

Cap and Trade, what is it? Who started it? Europe or the US (The answer will surprise you.)

CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage: Two Processes for the Future of Carbon Emissions?

The two processes of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), where the technology is now, and where it will be in 20 years.

Good COP, Bad COP?

The results are in for the Copenhagen Accord. Is it a keeper? Or are local governments better positioned?

Cap and Trade and Massachusetts

So Massachusetts brought the sky down on the Democratic majority in the US Senate. And a body that was at best dysfunctional is now considered non-functional. The gloom-and-doomers are writing the obituary for a cap and trade system in the US. Well, cowboy up! I don’t think we should write it off so easily.

Cap and Trade and Populism

Here's how to get around resistance to cap-and-trade legislation in the US Congress.


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