Climate Bill

100 Billion Dollars: Climate Change Funding for Corrupt Nations?

100 Billion Dollar Climate Change Fund, funding corruption? How many of the most vulnerable? Transparency justified.

COP15 Recap Final Week 2: Seal the Deal on Climate Change?

Mixed feelings on the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Find out how it all fell apart and was tied together...

COP15 Bursting at the Seams

It’s the end of the first week at COP15 in Copenhagen and there seems to be never a dull moment in endeavouring

American Policy: Saving Trillions Part 5: Disease Control

Climate change will increase infectious disease. Costly health measures will leave health institutions & budgets anemic

Tribes in India to Heal Nature

Tribes can help combat climate change with traditional knowledge of adapting to changes in the environment.

Methane to Cause More Global Warming than CO2

As compared to carbon dioxide, Methane is also a dangerous green house gas that is causing climate change.

Solid Waste Management and Climate Change

Solid waste management can control the harmful effects of climate change to some extent.

Will Polar Bears Go Extinct By 2050?

Climate change is causing damage to the Arctic habitat and posing threats to the survival of polar bears.

Indians Saving Trees - Using Cow Dung for Cremating the Dead

New trend of using cow dung instead of mango wood for cremation in India can save trees and help combat climate change


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