UN Calls on Private Sector to Fight Corruption

The United Nations Global Compact called upon the private sector to mobilize against corruption at a high-level meeting of business and civic leaders in New Delhi this week.

Japanese Banks Extend Biggest-Ever Loan to Grow Nation's Wind Sector

UK wind turbine company to be bought by Japanese PPP for $874 million

Japan produces a lot of energy, ranking third in terms of electricity production after the United States and China. But it has some catching up to do in wind power, ranking 13th in the world in terms of installed wind capacity.

Transparency International to Rio+20: Address Corruption in Climate Financing

With Rio+20 around the corner, the leading international development corruption monitoring group warns of failure if mechanisms for climate financing transparency are not put into place

Lessons from India: Transparency, Sustainability and Dharma

What can investors learn from businesses in the world's biggest democracy?

Developing Resources, Ignoring Poverty: Why the Cardin-Lugar Amendment Matters

Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act calls for the SEC to adopt a transparency rule for the oil, gas and mineral industries. If the agency misses the deadline, the world's poor will suffer

We Need a Hero: Searching for Justice Among Financial Market Superpredators

"Our regulatory system has not kept pace with the markets and the needs of investors." -- SEC chief Mary L. Schapiro, January 2009

IBM Lends Its Expertise to Kenya’s Electronic Government Drive

IBM has lent a helping hand to Kenya's government to improve public services

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