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Investing for Impact in my Own Portfolio

Where are the best places to put your money to good work?

5 minute action plan for greener travel

There's a nice looking business centre near where I work.

And I'm offering some free advice on how they could encourage greener travel, improve the well-being of clients and staff, and be more welcoming to visitors.

The Tale of the Creole Pig

The tale of Haiti's creole pig sows the power imbalance facing developing countries on their path towards development.

Welcome to the New Justmeans!

<p>You've probably noticed that things are a little different on JustMeans today. The site is looking fresh and shiny.

Change from Within - An Individual Builds a New Market

Many philosophers, economists, pundits, and journalists have written on entrepreneurs. The engines of capitalism, entrepreneurs take calculated risks to create new products and services.Their actions often lead to disrupting the status quo of the day&rsquo;s business practice, leading to the creative destruction that drives a healthy economy.


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