CSR reporting

CSR, Disaster Relief and the Aftermath of the Japan Tsunami

Companies are doing a lot towards disaster relief as part of their CSR

On the Course to Mandatory CSR in India

Final draft of Companies Bill in process to make CSR mandatory in India

Flying High: Sri Lanka Catering Wins for CSR Efforts

Sri Lanka Catering wins top prize for its CSR efforts.

News Corp and Disparity in CSR Communication

Fox News goes carbon neutral and yet there is a disparity in the way they report climate change.

CSR and China's Future as the Superpower

The only thing standing between China achieving superpower status is its precarious environmental and social situation.

CSR Education: CSR Asia and AIT Launch New Master's Degree

CSR Asia and the Asian Institute of Technology launch a new master's course focusing on CSR.

India Inc. Opposes Mandatory CSR

India Inc opposes Government's proposal for mandatory 2% CSR spend.

CSR and Preservation of Forests in India

The Indian Environmental Ministry suggests that preservation of forests should be the next major CSR initiative.

Co-op's Radical New CSR Plan

Co-op's new CSR plan aims to make them industry leaders.

Disney CSR: Creating Magical Moments Right From the Start??

Disney's latest marketing campaign for baby products meets with backlash.


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