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Dream Job Alert: Eco-Luxury Boutique Resort Seeks Intern

The Resort at Isla Palenque, an eco-luxury Panamanian development slated to open in 2012 is seeking young lovers of travel to compete in their Island Intern Contest for the chance to serve as the first intern on the island.

New Adventure Travel Website Capitalizes on "Conservation Travel" Trend

SEEtheWILD promotes a tiger spotting tour in India

If your travel bucket list seems to be brimming over with claws, fins, feathers, and fur, a new website promoting "conservation travel" may be a worthwhile resource to consider.

Eco Friendly Destination Feature: Nihiwatu Resort Reduces Local Malaria

Near the resort, Nihiwatu, on the island of Sumba, Indonesia, the Pasola ritual occurs in February and March. Blood is shed. Thousands of horseman charge one another on a battle field. Injuries are anticipated, and sometimes horses and riders die. Blood is necessary to make the ground fertile for the rice harvests in April and May.

Sustainable Travel Starts with a Stay at NU Hotel

NU Hotel provides a fresh spin on sustainable travel, raising the bar for modern, chic, and comfy lodging.

Trees for Sustainable Travel

Traveling to see unusual trees is sure to add a natural element of adventure to any sustainable travel plan.

Rancho de Caldera, Panama: A (Trendy) Eco Travel Resort

Rancho de Caldera, an eco travel resort in Panama, hopes to become completely self-sustainable.

Enter the Bathroom Sweepstakes and Win a Responsible Vacation (or, Perhaps a Showerhead?)

Responsible Bathroom offers a free, responsible vacation for four as the grand prize for the lucky winner of their sweepstakes. To win? You just need to register. Be warned: you will start out as a "Water Waster," with "0" pledge points.

September Splendor: Eco Travel in Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, Colorado offers old-fashioned eco travel.

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