Environmental Awareness

Sustainable living through a macrobiotic diet in Kuala Lumpur

A glimpse at the organic, macrobiotic scene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Green Living: Know your Water Stats

Some important water facts

Stevia: A greener way to be sweet

A sustainable alternative for artificial sweeteners.

Rainforests, Coral Reefs and Ethical Consumption

Rainforests and coral reefs contribute towards rainfall as a new study shows.

Being BPA free

Exploring BPA-free products after Canada bans the toxic chemical

Going Green this Halloween

Going green for Halloween

GM mosquitoes in Malaysia?

Is the release of GM mosquitoes safe?

What does 'ethical consumerism' really mean?

Tailoring ethical consumption to fit your boundary of ethics.

Vegetarianism, organized religion and environmentalism

The connection between sustainable living and religious beliefs


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