Environmental Awareness

PepsiCo Sponsors 363 New Recycling Bins in Washington DC

PepsiCo will install recycling bins around Washington DC to try to increase the recycling rate of consumers on-the-go.

Sustainable Packaging Making Headway With Big Companies

Companies are beginning to do their bit to reduce packaging. What can consumers do?

Coca-Cola Invests in UK Bottle Recycling Facility

Coca-Cola Enterprises is helping fund a UK recycling center in order to use recycled plastic in Coca-Cola packaging.

Eco-Friendly, Women-Centric Approaches Towards Female Sanitation

Novel solutions to menstrual hygiene through eco-friendly, women-centric approaches.

Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK Highlights the Importance of Fairtrade

Fairtrade Fortnight highlights the importance of Fairtrade and ethical consumption

Kellogg Supports Sustainable Palm Oil

Kellogg is buying certificates from GreenPalm to support the production of sustainable palm oil.

Starbucks Most Unethical Coffee Chain in the UK

Ethical Consumption Magazine votes Starbucks as UK's most unethical coffee chain.

Levi-Strauss Has a Leg Up on Sustainable Blue Jeans

Levi-Strauss is reducing water usage in the production of blue jeans and exploring other sustainable options.

Ethical Fashion and the Conundrum for Small Brands

A look at Brass Tacks Madras and their take on ethical fashion.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition Sets Standards for Clothing and Footwear

Major clothing and footwear brands have joined together in an effort to make their supply chain more sustainable.


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