Environmental Awareness

'Local' Food May Not Be So Local in the UK

A recent report found that shoppers in England and Wales who bought local food may not be supporting local farmers as they previously thought.

iPad Helps Businesses 'Go Green', But How Green is Apple?

The iPad is helping businesses go green but how green is the iPad?

Costco Commits to Sustainable Seafood

Pressure from consumers and conservationists has prompted Costco to introduce a new sustainable seafood policy.

Green Living: Buy Good, Feel Great With Blissmo

Demolishing the 'myth of the green premium' and making eco-friendly products more affordable with Blissmo.

Unilever Eliminates Animal Testing For Lipton Teas

Pressure from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has caused a major tea company to turn a new leaf.  Tea products produced by parent company Unilever, including Lipton and PG brands, will no longer be tested on animals, the company announced in late January 2011.

California Legislation Takes a Bite Out of Shark Fin Trade

A California bill seeks to ban the sale or possession of shark fins, most commonly used in Shark Fin Soup.

UK's Government is 'Lazy' About Promoting Organic Food

UK's government is not doing enough to boost organic food.

Greentings for Valentine's!

Going green with Valentine's Day greetings

Five Companies That Sell Eco-Friendly Flowers

Where to find eco-friendly flowers both online and in stores.


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