Ethical Consumerism

CNBC Documentary Exposes Ethics of Pet Food Industry

An hour-long documentary about the pet food industry sheds light on unsafe and unethical pet food production.

Five Companies That Sell Eco-Friendly Flowers

Where to find eco-friendly flowers both online and in stores.

Would You Eat Lab-Grown Meat?

Lab-grown meat could soon become a reality...but who's buying?

Marriott is Largest Hotel Chain With Sustainable Seafood Policy

Marriott International is the largest hotel chain to instate a policy requiring chefs to order sustainable seafood.

Sustainable Foods Summit Discusses Eco-Labels

The highlights of the Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco recently.

New iPhone App Helps Consumers Find Ethically Sourced Seafood

A new feature of the Seafood Watch iPhone app allows users to list local businesses that sell sustainable seafood.

Trader Joe's Seafood to be Sustainable by End of 2012

Trader Joe's is working with fishing experts to stock only seafood raised or fished using sustainable practices.


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