Green Consumerism

A Look Around on World Water Day

Water supplies world over are at peril - a look at the state of water supplies around the world.

Sustainable Seafood App Now Available For Android

Now available for Android, the Seafood Watch app helps consumers make eco-friendly choices when purchasing seafood.

Green Living: The Quest for a Balanced Energy Portfolio

Do we really have to choose between renewables, coal and nuclear?

Green Living: Vegan Goes Mainstream?

Is veganism going mainstream?

Woolworths Launches Sustainable Seafood Plan

Major Australian supermarket joins the sustainable seafood movement with a three-step seafood strategy.

Plastic Made From Plants: PepsiCo Announces New Green Bottle

PepsiCo's new green plastic bottles will be made from completely plant-based material.

NASA Technology Helps Odwalla Reduce Carbon Footprint

Odwalla is using an innovative fuel cell technology to power its packaging plant.

Green Living: How to Save the Bees

Declining honey bees does not just affect production of honey.

Green Living: Light-Bulb Wars

Why is America up in arms against the incandescent light-bulb?

Sustainable Packaging Making Headway With Big Companies

Companies are beginning to do their bit to reduce packaging. What can consumers do?


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