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Top Certifier of Sustainable Travel Opens New Paris Office

EarthCheck, one of the world's top providers of certifications for the sustainable travel and tourism industry, will be opening up an office in Paris, France.

The office opening was announced following impressive company growth in Europe.

The company is optimistic about the future, as they point to the financial benefits of sustainable business operations as a major draw for any company.

Easy Trip Planning for Responsible Travelers

Perhaps the biggest challenge to traveling sustainably is the research load required. Trip planning is exciting, but can be overwhelming for those who are already burnt out from working and looking forward to a care-free escape.

Online searches and word of mouth oftentimes do not stack up to what is actually happening once a traveler arrives at her destination.

Dream Job Alert: Eco-Luxury Boutique Resort Seeks Intern

The Resort at Isla Palenque, an eco-luxury Panamanian development slated to open in 2012 is seeking young lovers of travel to compete in their Island Intern Contest for the chance to serve as the first intern on the island.

Breakthrough UN Partnership to Improve Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel advocates are applauding the recent announcement of the new Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, which aims to connect all stakeholders in the sustainable tourism industry.

With the goal of "transforming tourism worldwide" the partnership was appropriately established in Costa Rica at the first General Meeting.

More Farmers’ Markets for More Sustainable Travel

Farmers’ Markets reserved as a warm- weather sustainable travel option are soon to become available year- round.

Wineries Make Sustainable Travel Sweeter

Hang up those winter coats and embark on sustainable travel to a noteworthy sustainable winery.

Take a Chilean Hike to Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel to Chile is a challenging hiking adventure that is good for you and easy on the environment.

Sustainable Travel- Jamaican Beachside

Participate in a triathlon during your sustainable travels to encourage education in Treasure Beach.

Sustainable Travel And Michael Vick- An Unlikely Pair

Sustainable travel to Philadelphia is a touchdown for the Eagles and the sustainable community.

Retaining Fiji on a Responsible Vacation

Fiji is an island worthy of a post card, and a responsible vacation could help to preserve its culture and beauty.


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