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Modern Drug Marketing: An Unsustainable Model

Cymbalta.  Abilify.  Lunesta, Chantix and that drug for "when the time might be right."  As a consumer and especially as a psychologist, it unsettles me when I see television ads exhorting potential clients to ask a doctor about a specific drug.  Even if I do not believe general practitioners or specialists know bes

Regenerative Medicine Technique Speeds Healing of Burn Wounds

A new medical technique can dramatically improve healing time for severe burn wounds.  The device looks more like a gadget from Doctor Who than one from a surgery room.  And the stem cells that form the tissue for healing the patient come from the patient.

Now Hiring – Unless You Smoke

Hospitals and other medical facilities are now using smoking as hiring criteria.

Endangered Aphrodisiac

85% of Earth's oyster reefs have been lost, most likely due to overharvesting, habitat degradation, and disease.

Transgenic Chicken Fights Avian Flu: Health Miracle or Frankenscience?

A freshly bred GMO chicken with the potential to prevent global pandemic.

Health brief: Language that inspires action

It turns out that how how you describe "randomization" influences participation in health trials

Social media and health professionals: Would you 'Friend' your doctor?

A survey of health professionals raises questions about social media involvement with patients.


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