Health News

Facebook triggers asthma

A report linking Facebook to asthma suggests strange health implications of new media

Caffeinated alcoholic beverage ban: A lost health CSR opportunity

Responsible health regulation or poor business decision making?

Health texting provides social media support

A health study suggests that social media provide social support benefits just like f2f interactions

Social media and the “black box” of health industry relations

Does a rebate program represent socially-irresponsible health business practice?

Do gene patents help or hinder health innovation?

The justice department appears to break with long standing health policy on gene patents.

Is health research spending a measure of CSR?

Despite the financial crisis corporations still outpace government spending in health research

Is off-label prescribing good for your health?

A new study suggests that not only is it good for health, but it may save money as well.

Bone health gets a titanium boost

Futuristic foam promises new resilience for those with broken bones.

Strong Public Health Leader Needed in Salt Reduction Effort

Pinching salt does a pound of public health good but who should lead change?

Too many people lack access to physical activity, public health experts say

A new public health report tracks states’ ability to provide residents with opportunities for physical activity.


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