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Science behind public health claims: Time for an overhaul?

A new report from an independent scientific body asks for greater scrutiny of health claims, and scientific rigor.

Asthma and obesity: Linked by high fat diet?

New findings on asthma and risk factors affecting multiple conditions underscore the wisdom of public health

Is health care quality threatened by manufacturer-funded drug research?

Health care researchers from the Drug Commission of the German Medical Association have concluded that published pharmaceutical research sponsored by drug makers overwhelmingly report positive findings. More so than studies not funded by manufacturers. That's probably no surprise to anyone. For a number of reasons there's a general publication bias towards studies that report positive findings.

Patients Need Frequent Flier Miles - Health Care Consumerism Part 2

Should diabetes patients get reward points? Part 2 in a series on health care consumerism.

Health Care Consumers: "We get no respect" - Health Care Consumerism Part 1

Why are US patients dissatisfied with their health care system? Because patients aren't consumers. Series part 1 of 4.

Michelle Obama Unveils Public Health Childhood Obesity Plan

The White House gets specific about how to address this pressing public health crisis.

Cancer costs double in two decades

Treatment costs for cancer have doubled in the last two decades, but why?

Public health officials halt sale of at home genetics test kit

Drugstore delays sale of do it yourself genetics test kit after public health officials raise flag.

Public health cops urge doctors to tattle on unscrupulous drug reps.

Too many drug reps overstate effects and understate risks of drugs to doctors, public health officials warn.

International health care officials warn of epic nursing shortages

The developing world especially is hard hit by a lack of nurses, international health care officials say.


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