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New international health tools track disease online

Can crowdsourced disease reporting boost international health?

Slashing international health barriers with Skype

Simple technologies make international health research widely accessible

Risk of asthma linked to neighborhood location

New research links asthma risk with the direction your home faces

Goals matter in the fight to improve international health

WHO report indicates health targets galvanize world leaders toward action.

Occupational and public health risks from Big Oil

BP's oil spill is a growing public health crisis, but how dangerous are the oil fields, compared to other industries?

Air quality puts us at risk for asthma, other conditions

Our air has improved, but too many of us remain at risk of developing asthma and other conditions.

Public health officials must do more to fight environmental cancer

Public health officials in the US need to do more to cut cases of environmental cancer.

Just in time for Mother's Day: a slew of mom-related health studies

Studies on everything from mothers' ages to toddlers' TV intake come out before we celebrate moms.

Health care insurance status influences emergency medical care

New research finds that the quality of emergency health care may depend on insurance status

A boost for epigenetics: The science of interaction and influence in human health

The Linus Pauling Institute receives a major grant to pursue epigenetic research into human health


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