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Australia has an easier go of health reform

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd faced many of the same problems as Barack Obama - and he too delivered.

Where to Invest Public Health Dollars in Developing Countries?

Findings that foreign health funds shrink local spending means aid organizations must more carefully consider ROI.

The science of health care delivery. What is it?

A new health care science is being created, but does it mean anything to you?

New ethics code for health care associations

Top leaders of health care associations and medical journals must sever financial ties with the industry.

Huge Los Angeles free clinic provides free health care to the needy

The weeklong clinic near downtown Los Angeles shows the best and worst of our health care system.

Health care data and hospital quality:Is "not dead" good enough?

Disagreement on using death as a measure of quality, and whether "appalling" really is the same as "top ten"

Education and age linked to likelihood of health screenings

The older you are, and the less education you have, the greater the chance that you fail to seek health screenings.

Health and Earth Day: HIT and the Environment

Healing people and the planent are no longer mutually exclusive but what will happen as HIT use increases in the U.S.?

Earth Day: health reminders from a plastic planet

Earth day reminds us to be better stewards of our impressionable planet.


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