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Is progress being made on maternal mortality?

Two reports have conflicting findings about whether fewer mothers are dying during birth.

Global health: Time for "world social health insurance?"

Increased foreign aid for health often results in decreased domestic spending. Is this a problem?

Navy moves to ban smoking on submarines

A study shows sailors who don't smoke are being affected by secondhand smoke.

After a blip, teen pregnancy is back on the decline

New numbers suggest the 2006-2007 increase in teen birth rates might have been an anomaly.

Scrutinize health care tips that come via “Tweets”

Researchers say friends pass along bad health care info – and unwise offers of prescription sharing – via Twitter.

Celebrate National Public Health Week

Support public health resources in your town and help reach the goal of becoming a healthier nation in one generation.

Electronic health records enhance genetic research and clinical care

How electronic health records can benefit genetic research and give a glimpse at patient experiences

Social Media and Health: Should Big Pharma Join Justmeans?

The FDA is deciding whether to allow pharma companies more social media freedom. What do you think?

Do outdoor smoking bans protect public health?

Secondhand smoke's harmful health effects are well-documented. According to Web MD, "A 2006 surgeon general's report confirmed that secondhand smoking (also called involuntary or passive smoking) can kill, and it concluded that there is no amount of exposure to secondhand smoke that is safe. The more secondhand smoke you breathe in, the more your health risks increase. ...

Global health challenge: Kenya aims to improve child health

A global health coalition implements some simple health solutions that could save thousands of children


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