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Boost your health with National Start! Walking Day

The American Heart Association celebrates today as the day workers escape their cubicles and walk for health.

The iPad and the Health Care Industry

When Apple unveiled the iPad, they touted the device as revolutionary. What promise does it hold for health care?

Health policy: the UK puts teeth behind quality improvement

The UK's National Health Service puts data and enforcement behind health reform

Good health care depends on good maps

Filling out the Census is a chore but key to distribution of health care services.

Should healthy people take cholesterol drugs?

The government has given the OK to the makers of Crestor, but doctors say it could cause health issues.

Gulf War veterans get a health care boost

The VA moves to improve diagnosis and care for nine "Gulf War Illnesses."

Beware the Health Care Discount Plan media blitz

Health care discount plans are hitting the airwaves. Don't confuse them with real health care insurance.

A User’s Guide to Health Reform, Part Two (2010-2014)

Want to know how health reform affects you? Here’s what takes effect between 2010 and 2014:

Congress and celebs alike are trying to tackle healthy lunches

School lunches are giving the health care bill a run for its money as the most talked-about health issue.


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