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Health reform: A facelift for Medicare?

A visionary health reformer is chosen to lead Medicare. Here're some changes to look for...

Health risks: Drug-resistant infections on the rise

Community-acquired MRSA infections threaten health as a new drug-resistant bacterium enters the hospital ward

Savvy patients know, "FDA approved" = "buyer beware"

Ads boasting FDA approval mislead consumers and deserve reconsideration.

Tanning Beds Are Feeling the Heat from Health Officials

Both an FDA panel and the health care bill single out tanning beds for the enormous skin cancer risks they create.

Special deliveries: C-section births are at an all-time high

If you asked me which surgical procedure took place most often in U.S.

Health reform has passed. That’s good. So why do I feel ill?

The level of vitriol recently in the health reform debate has left more than a few of us feeling ill.

Acne drug may help in fight against HIV

A simple antibiotic used to treat acne may help HIV stay dormant, study finds

Healthy eating: Time for an old-testament diet?

Yes brothers, the bread is getting bigger

Health care reform efforts through the ages

Since Teddy Roosevelt, U.S. presidents have taken up health reform, with various degrees of success.

US Health reform, not over yet.

Health reform legislation passes in the US congress, but will it make us healthier?


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