Health Reform

Who Can Fix Health Care? TEDx Talk @Dartmouth

Al Mulley, director of Dartmouth's Center for Health Care Delivery Science delivers an inspiring TEDx Talk

How Much Does Your Insurance Pay Your Doctor; Do You Care?

Would price transparency around insurance reimbursement rates to providers drive consumer choice?

Leveraging EMR to Embed Comparative-Effectiveness Research into Clinical Practice

Could the "point-of-care clinical trial" actually utilize EMR to improve outcomes?

Wisdom of the Crowd: What Health Reform Might Look Like If Voters Had Their Say

Newly released survey results from the Commonwealth Fund suggest American voters know the Rx for health care

Do High Deductible Health Plans Reduce Cost?

High deductible health plans for families, will they reduce costs?

Health Care Delivery Science: Management is Key to Affordable Quality

Top performing hospitals stand out on culture, values, management, leadership

Walmart’s $4 Generic Drug Pricing: Rx for $6 Billion in Savings?

Low costs generics could save us money, but what other pharmaceutical trends might they inspire?

Do Incentives for Electronic Medical Records Outweigh the Costs?

New study lays out the cost of implementing an EMR into clinical practice. Can doc's afford it?

Personal Health Records In Action: Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault

Findings from a recent experience integrating Personal Health Records in clinical practice.


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