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Women's Health: Tsunamis, Natural Disasters, Resilience and Coping Revisited: A Little Help is Good

A few weeks ago, I posted an article that largely agreed with a researcher's findings that people are naturally resilient and many coping interventions are minimally useful or potentially harmful.  A reader responded, and I promised to go back and look at my sources.  This article summarizes some positive aspects of coping interventions following natural disasters.

Healthy Food on the Go

There is a growing trend of restaurants offering healthier fare.

Organics Too Expensive, But Cable TV Isn’t?

Why do some people complain about the cost of healthy choices, then freely spend on unhealthy ones?

Pork Chops from a Petri Dish

A scientist from the University of South Carolina has developed a way to create meat from cultured animal cells.

Communities Get Fit and Get Green

City-wide health programs spur sustainable changes that effect community health and the environment.

Transgenic Chicken Fights Avian Flu: Health Miracle or Frankenscience?

A freshly bred GMO chicken with the potential to prevent global pandemic.

DHA in infant formula: experimenting with children’s health?

Martek Biosciences, a major producer of DHA for infant formula, sells for $1.1 billion. Is that a healthy investment?

Social media, social support and health

New study suggests that health effects of social support do not counteract bad relationships. What about social media?


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