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Women's Health: Tsunamis, Natural Disasters, Resilience and Coping Revisited: A Little Help is Good

A few weeks ago, I posted an article that largely agreed with a researcher's findings that people are naturally resilient and many coping interventions are minimally useful or potentially harmful.  A reader responded, and I promised to go back and look at my sources.  This article summarizes some positive aspects of coping interventions following natural disasters.

Scientists Learn About the Way We Respond to Trauma

Three studies provide insight into post traumatic stress disorder.

Human Trafficking as a Public Health Crisis: Part 2

This is the second part of a three-part series focusing on human trafficking from a public health perspective.

Health Concerns Related to Natural Disasters

Flooding caused by natural disasters can lead to health issues.

Biological Warfare to Control Malaria: Sustainable and Sensible?

Innovative approach to killing mosquitos is interesting, but is it safe?

Downside of Development: Global Growth in Cancer and Obesity

Longer life also leads to more chronic diseases like cancer. And infectious cancers as well.

You, Too, Can Be A Doctor

Local women reach out to others to share proper health information

Rwandan Government Seeks to Control Population

Rwanda’s government is encouraging men to have vasectomies to curb population growth in the country.


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