Mass Transit

Planning for the Future

Going forward, how do localities move forward in the 21st Century? While a lot of metro areas depend largely on the traditional mode of transportation--cars to get to and from their destinations.

China's High Speed Rail Network Growing Rapidly

China's population of over 1 billion is gaining an astounding amount of high speed rail lines while the United States government sluggishly debates simple city connection lines.

Russia and the World Looks Towards High Speed Rail

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Russia’s first ever electric vehicle hybrid another announcement came about the bolstering of Russia’s green transportation systems. According to the announcement that came from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the country is preparing to begin serious work towards a high speed rail system. Russia isn’t alone on this plan either.

Eurostar Plans to Operate a Newer, Greener Fleet by 2014

Electric cars, hybrid automobiles, hydrogen fuel cells: this is the kind of technology that seems to be most commonly associated with the overall change towards green transportation in popular media. However, where personal green vehicles are indeed an important part of the green transportation evolution, the benefits of green mass transit cannot be discounted.

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