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Modern Drug Marketing: An Unsustainable Model

Cymbalta.  Abilify.  Lunesta, Chantix and that drug for "when the time might be right."  As a consumer and especially as a psychologist, it unsettles me when I see television ads exhorting potential clients to ask a doctor about a specific drug.  Even if I do not believe general practitioners or specialists know bes

Comedy of Social Media Errors: Pharma’s Lame Take on Glee

Pharma attempts to recreate Glee and High School Musical to help push drugs on kids. How'd they do?

Regenerative Medicine Technique Speeds Healing of Burn Wounds

A new medical technique can dramatically improve healing time for severe burn wounds.  The device looks more like a gadget from Doctor Who than one from a surgery room.  And the stem cells that form the tissue for healing the patient come from the patient.

Technology for Better Health Care

Concierge health care companies use technology to keep overhead at a minimum and communicate with patients.

Health care transparency through online reporting

Reporting health care mistake online proves feasible in pilot study of primary care

Health care meets aerospace diagnostics: Bio-ferrography

Applying aircraft technology to health diagnostics

The Health 2.0 public option

Interactive online personal health records not embraced by patients.

Diagnosis digital: The future of health

"Desktop Medicine" and growing burden of chronic health conditions points towards digital solutions

Why Mobile is the health delivery platform of the future

The mHealth Summit is a convincing display of the key role that mobile phones play in the health sector

Social Media, Technology, and Change: The feedback loop for health

An opportunity for public health and health care delivery to learn from industry, and question information practices.


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