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Revolutionary Tourism: Time for a Trip to Tunisia?

An old fishing boat in Tabarka, Tunisia-- a city with both gorgeous beaches and a rich history Offers Sustainable Travel to the Ski Slopes (Via Train)

In Europe, skiers can usually access the slopes by train, and rail travel has plenty of advantages. As the the site, suggests about train travel: "it's better for you" and "it's better for the planet". Trains produce 90% of the carbon emissions of air travel.

Eco-Friendly Destination: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen, the Greenest Hotel in the World

Exercise bikes at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen allow guests to generate electricity. Pedaling for 15 minutes earns exercisers a meal voucher, and creates 10-watt-hours of electricity. iPhones on the handlebars indicate the amount of power being generated.

Sustainable Travel Seaside

Shake off the winter weather blues and start thinking about sustainable travel with an eco- conscious cruise.

Is Geocaching Sustainable Travel?

Geocaching doesn't sound like it has anything to do with sustainable travel when you first hear about it. Instead, it sounds like glorified littering. Geocachers hide gizmos in urban and rural settings (read: the great outdoors).

Club Med Embraces the Responsible Vacation Trend (or, At Least the Labels)

Club Med calls itself a leader in "labeling" to attract responsible vacation goers.

Responsible Vacation Feature: Kapawi Ecolodge

Earlier this year, the Achuar people took on full ownership of the Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve, a responsible vacation lodge in Ecuador. The Achuar people, who've lived in the Amazon Basin as for thousands of years, were one of the last indigenous groups along the Marañon River to be impacted by western contact.

The Farm-Spa Becomes a Responsible Vacation Trend

Responsible vacation goers can now opt for more than an eco-spa, because farm-spas have entered the running. What, exactly, is a farm-spa?  Well, it might not be an official term, yet, but  "hyper-local spas" on farms have been popping up all over the world. The farm-to-table movement has moved to the massage-table.

Zipline to a Responsible Vacation?

Skyline Eco-Adventures offers a high-speed track to a responsible vacation. Company wide, Skyline Eco-Adventures is part of "1% for the Planet", a group of businesses that gives back 1% of all sales to environmental effort. They also offset all their carbon emissions through credit with Carbon Fund.


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