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Web 2.0 New Way for Advertising: - a crowd funding platform that funds advertising and media campaigns that carry a social message.

Social Media Trends: First British Royal Wedding of the Digital Era

On 29 April 2011 when Prince William marries Kate Middleton the day will be captured, celebrated and observed by a series of social media firsts.

Unique Web 2.0 Competition for a French House

A British couple are using web 2.0 to help them return urgently to the UK to look after their elderly mothers

Social Media Trends: China's Silicon Valley is a Dog's Life

The pace and magnitude of what is happening with the Chinese internet is breathtaking and only just being felt.

Young Britons Create a New Social Media Trend While Watching TV

Young Britons have taken to a new social media trend that could have consequences for the world of advertising.

Social Media Trend of Blogging Gets Boys Writing

Who would have thought that the social media trend of blogging could play a role in helping boys to enjoy writing?!

Social Media Trends: Mobile Gaming is No Longer a Man's World

A variety of social media surveys shows new trends in mobile gaming.

Social Media Trends: LetsLunch

Some of the best business deals have been done over lunch, so here comes new start-up LetsLunch.

Social Media Trends: Crowdfunding Making Dreams Come Through

Crowdfunding provides alternative sources of cash for start-ups & innovation.

Web 2.0 Community More Likely to be Do-Gooders

The web 2.0 community is more likely to be a bunch of do-gooders says a recent report.


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