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Miches Hopes to Become an Eco Friendly Destination

Miches, a small, tranquil town in the Dominican Republic, hopes to become an eco friendly destination. Miches is rich with natural beauty: pristine beaches, mountains, waterfalls, tropical weather and wildlife. Unfortunately, many people in Miches live in poverty. Electricity is sporadic, water is unclean and the economy is subsistence-based due their isolation from other communities.

Sustainable Travel via US Armed Forces

A little bit of competition never hurts, especially when sustainable travel is involved.

Eco Travel in Africa: Five Sustainable Safaris

Five African eco travel safari companies.

Travel After 9/11: The Same As Ever?

After 9/11, the travel industry shifted and shrunk. Most noticeably, security became a hassle, and the TSA began to treat passengers as the new enemy. In response to subsequent attacks, ticketed passengers were told to remove their shoes, and then their liquids.

What is Sustainable Travel?

Trying to make sense of the phrase "sustainable travel."

Sustainable Travel Feature: Prince Charles Aboard The Royal Train

To promote sustainable travel, Prince Charles boarded the Royal Train last weekend, to carry his eco-friendly message from Glasglow to London.

Supporting Sustainable Art Organizations through Travel

Sustainable art is growing in popularity, but help from the travel industry will take it to the next level.


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