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Sustainable Travel Option in Germany

Sustainable travel is making its way to the runway in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Go before the effort runs out of fuel.

Euro Disney and Pierre & Vacances to Open an Eco Travel Resort in Paris

Les Villages Nature will be an eco travel playground, south of Paris Disneyland (pictured), and just north of the Brie Forest. Euro Disney and Pierre & Vacances have teamed up to give the city some "man-made" nature downtown, because there isn't enough real nature to play in.

Sustainable Travel Ideas for Amsterdam

Find out other ways Amsterdam goes green with sustainable travel activities sure to challenge your perception.

The Farm-Spa Becomes a Responsible Vacation Trend

Responsible vacation goers can now opt for more than an eco-spa, because farm-spas have entered the running. What, exactly, is a farm-spa?  Well, it might not be an official term, yet, but  "hyper-local spas" on farms have been popping up all over the world. The farm-to-table movement has moved to the massage-table.

Zipline to a Responsible Vacation?

Skyline Eco-Adventures offers a high-speed track to a responsible vacation. Company wide, Skyline Eco-Adventures is part of "1% for the Planet", a group of businesses that gives back 1% of all sales to environmental effort. They also offset all their carbon emissions through credit with Carbon Fund.

Can Jail Hotels fit the Sustainable Travel bill?

The principles of sustainable travel can be applied to many travel features, but are jail prisons one of them?

Mekkah Metro, New Sustainable Travel Train to Mecca

Thanks to the Mekkah Metro, a high speed train to holy sites, Mecca now offers sustainable travel access. The train will transport between 130,000 - 170,000 passengers between holy sites this Hajj season, which is expected to start in mid November.  It's been dubbed "Holy Rituals Train".

L.A. Marathon: Responsible Vacation Options for the Non- Runner

The L.A. Marathon is a suitable responsible vacation option for the novice, expert, and non- runner.

Happy Holidays: Green Hotels Offering Responsible Vacation Packages

Responsible Vacation plans are trendy this year, and hotels have taken note. Hard Rock has declared that "green is the new white this holiday season".


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