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Is Travel Industry Fueling Latest West Virginia Coal Mine Industry Controversy?

Controversy is never far from West Virginia coal mines, but is the travel industry spreading its insidious gospel?

Is Medical Travel Ethical?

A look at transplant travel and ethical problems with medical tourism.

Obama Administration to Lift Cuban Travel Ban?

Hoping to travel to Cuba from the United States this year? You could be in luck. Then again, probably not.

Go Eco With The Slow Travel Movement

Slow travel is mindful travel.

Amsterdam Travel: Sex Tourism and Human Trafficking

A look at prostitution, human trafficking and sex tourism in Amsterdam.

BlackBerry Ban Could Dial Travel Trouble in the Middle East

Is the Middle East changing communication for those who reside and travel to the region as we know it?

Eco-Travel Trend: Glamping is Groovy

Glamping, or glamour camping, is one of the latest green travel trends. Think about it: a vacation close to the outdoors, but with a few ounces of luxury. A shower. A comfy bed. Eco-outhouses. Not only is it cushier and comfier than roughing it, glamping is less expensive than standard lodging and it's greener.

Was Michelle Obama's Vacation in Spain Excessive?

Michelle Obama's recent vacation in Spain attracted (a lot of) media attention.


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