Teaching Trust, the Hardest Part of Foster Care Adoption

Feb 19, 2018 10:00 AM ET

Did you know that some children in foster care have been adopted, only to be returned to foster care? It’s what social workers call a disrupted adoption. It’s more than a disruption to the child though. It’s heartbreaking, heart wrenching and they are often left feeling alone, rejected and like they had done something wrong or didn’t deserve a family.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, through its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Adoption Program focuses on the children who have had a disrupted adoption and might have given up hope of a family of their own.

It’s hard work to get a child to believe in a system that has failed them over and over, but it can happen.

It did happen for two of Robin’s children. Her oldest son William was adopted three years ago, and just this past November she adopted Hailey and Brian who both had disrupted adoptions. They were in foster care for five years when they were adopted the first time. Now they are truly with their forever family and Robin knows it was meant to be.

Not everyone can adopt from foster care, but anyone can support foster care adoption. Learn more at davethomasfoundation.org