The Future of Corporate Foundations

By Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas, Managing Director, CECP and Michelle Bostwick, Senior Associate, Corporate Leadership, CECP
Jan 14, 2020 1:15 PM ET

In CECP’s 2019 Giving in Numbers survey, roughly 80% of companies reported having a corporate foundation, and of those companies, the average number of foundations a company operated was 3. It is clear that companies view having their own corporate foundations as a fundamental component to their corporate responsibility strategies. We also know that CECP coalition companies are focused on capitalizing on the unique value that corporate foundations bring to social impact and community investment strategies. Just as the way that companies engage with society has evolved over time, moving from traditional philanthropy to business-aligned and strategic investments, the role of the corporate foundation has also adapted to these changing needs and expectations. Now more than ever, corporate responsibility professionals are seeking insights as to how to innovatively deploy their corporate foundations both to support and propel their social impact goals.

CECP’s newly launched Future of Corporate Foundations Accelerate Community is working to drive this conversation and bring clarity around the new role of the corporate foundation! Keeping in mind both strategic and tactical opportunities, the year-long community will discuss and develop meaningful insights on:

  • How to best frame corporate foundation programs and purpose within the larger corporation
  • How and should a company’s foundation programs be tightly aligned with the corporate mission
  • How the foundation’s work pushes boundaries and invests in areas aligned with or differently from the company’s community investment pillars

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