The Rise of Water Investing

Aug 12, 2020 8:15 AM ET

by Justin Winter, Portfolio Manager and Director, Impax Asset Management 

Clean water and sanitation for all is the subject of the United Nations’ sixth sustainable development goal, and an increasingly relevant topic to both emerging markets and the developed world. The need for water infrastructure is great in the developing world, and in the developed world, ensuring access to clean water is an ever-present issue, as recent crises have illustrated. This brings opportunities for sustainable investors.

In recent years, the universe of investable water-related companies has increased, and many of these companies have seen accelerated growth. Climate change, pollution and a growing, increasingly urban population all drive demand that innovation and technology can help fulfill.

Governments, public bodies and private industry are all investing in new and upgraded infrastructure, and the investment momentum keeps gaining pace. 

This blog looks at - Global Access and Changing Preferences;  Aging Infrastructure Needs;  The Curse of Cotton's Water Usage; Climate Change; and An Ocean of Opportunities, all here - 



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