Three QOLHacks for Surviving Election Day at the Office

By: Quality of Lifehacks
Nov 7, 2016 4:05 PM ET

November 8 is Election Day. There will be an estimated 237 million eligible voters in this election. One way or another, there’s going to be a wave of people who are disappointed in the election results, perhaps passionately so. Whether you’re in an office that will actively be tracking Election Day results or one where employees will monitor it on their own, the election can lead to a tough environment for many employees.

Here are three Quality of Life Hacks to help you survive Election Day.

  1. Create a Politics-Free Zone – Turn off the TVs, leave political paraphernalia at home, and agree to disagree. Unless you work in a political organization, such as Democratic National Committee or the Republican National Committee, odds are that there is an array of political viewpoints across your office. With this in mind, employers can help reduce Election Day stress by encouraging employees to leave their politics at home and turning off the political discourse shown on the news.
  2. Make it a Fun Experience – To make Election Day more bearable, consider some fun activities for employees. This can include throwing an Election Day office party with a fun “political” themed menu, with food items such as “Baked Briemails,” “Make America Griddles Again,” “RodHamSandwiches,” or “Trumpkin Pie.” Also consider games such as guess the election results where employees color in maps based on their state-by-state predictions. Another game can be vote for your favorite fictional president. This can include characters such as and Andrew Shepard from “The American President,” James Marshall from “Air Force One,” Jed Bartlett from “The West Wing,” Frank Underwood from “House of Cards,” among others.
  3. Work from Home – When all else fails, work from home to remove yourself from the political discourse. If you have to go into work, look for ways to reduce stress at the office. This blog post offers suggestions on how to reduce stress, such as coloring, going for a walk, and using office plants to create a warm environment.

How will you survive Election Day at work? Share your plans in the comments section on Sodexo Insights.