Translating Global Commitments Into Local Action

Symantec employees talk bees, recycle e-waste, plant trees, and conserve water as part of Earth Day 2019
May 9, 2019 3:45 PM ET

Symantec’s global commitments to the planet include engaging employees in protecting the environment and partnering with others to leverage our collective impact. Our Green Teams, employee volunteer teams located in offices across the world, help educate fellow employees about personal behavior changes that can save energy, water, reduce waste, and better the environment. Global Green Teams’ grassroots initiatives help us translate our global commitments into action.

As an example, our Green Teams counted down to Earth Day by organizing employee volunteer events and learning sessions. Events tied into “Choosing Green in 2019”, our yearlong employee campaign of environmental sustainability awareness, challenges, and initiatives.

In Tempe, Arizona Green Team Leader Kelly Ryan brought Watershed Management Group into the office to teach employees about the principles of water harvesting. Attendees learned how to recycle rainwater and greywater to support plants and gardens – saving not only water, but also money and time. Volunteers already put this education to good use. A group of Tempe employees volunteered at the Osborn Water Festival in Phoenix teaching 300 children about groundwater systems, watersheds, and water conservation.

Green Team Leader Nathan Worth partnered with Friends of Trees in the Springfield, Oregon office, bringing in tree samples for a discussion on tree species education. “We had a great turnout and people were very excited about planting the trees and making the containers into birdfeeders. There was much spirited debate about what tree was best as well,” Nathan said.

Mountain View employees attended the 10th annual Green Fair and learned about the benefits of living a more sustainable lifestyle. We encouraged employees to bring e-waste to the event to recycle. Recycling e-waste (and reusing where possible!) is important because electronics often contain metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, gold, and silver, which have multiple significant environmental impacts—from their initial mining to potential environmental contamination if they are not disposed of properly. We are thrilled to report that employees recycled 4,000 pounds of e-waste and nearly 3,200 gallons of paper at the event.

Dublin, Ireland employees celebrated Earth Day all week long. Volunteers built a sensory garden for Dogs Trust and planted wildflowers with Lusk Landscapes to attract birds and bees to Symantec’s campus. Symantec employee Dialena LeDesma planted flowers saying, “I loved taking part as this very small action can create a huge benefit, taking into consideration the current but very real fear of bees going into extinction.”

Olly’s Farm also visited Symantec’s Dublin office to discuss bees, beekeeping and honey manufacturing with employees, former Mayor of Fingal Mary McCamley, and Maureen O’Donnell from Business in the Community Ireland, a business and sustainability industry group.

Singapore’s Green Team held a drive to collect used sport shoes for the A Second Life program, which recycles old sport shoes to build new jogging lanes at upcoming sports facilities. Employees also donated pantry items to The Foodbank Singapore for distribution to organizations including homes for the elderly and soup kitchens.

Our Portugal office hosted their first Earth Day event and employees in Symantec’s Pune, India office are celebrating Earth Day on May 9. Pune employees will make and plant paper seed balls for local schools and learn about simple daily activities to support the environment at a Green Talk.