Twitter Chat Recap: #HEINEKENBaBW Protecting Our Water Resources

Check out the recap of our 60-minute LIVE chat with HEINEKEN and UNIDO on March 24
Apr 7, 2015 1:00 PM ET

By Suzanne Madore

As one of the world’s largest brewers, HEINEKEN recognizes and embraces its responsibility to promote responsible water use and encourage others to do the same as part of its sustainability strategy ‘Brewing a Better World’ (BaBW). Aimed at advancing Water Stewardship, HEINEKEN recently announced a partnership with UNIDO to help support water sustainability in developing markets such as Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Tunisia.

BTW #HEINEKENBaBW stands for Brewing a Better World. It is @HEINEKENCorp's long-term approach to sustainability, an operational priority! - @3BLMedia (tweet)

In celebration of World Water Day, HEINKEN joined us for a Twitter chat about protecting our water resources as well as share insights, experiences and goals of the UNIDO partnership. HEINEKEN was represented by Ron Bohlmeijer, HEINEKEN’s water expert and Jan Willem Vosmeer, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at HEINEKEN. Representing their sustainability partner, The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (@UNIDO), was Barbara Kreissler from the Partnerships and Results Monitoring Branch.

We're ready for the #HEINEKENBaBW Chat. Are you? - @HEINEKENCorp (tweet)

The conversation around World Water Day and HEINEKEN’s stewardship efforts quickly took off. HEINEKEN understands the importance of water – as a necessity to their business and the world.

.@HEINEKENCorp recognizes its responsibility to promote responsible water use. Join the discussion with @UNIDO NOW! #HEINEKENBaBW - @global_water (tweet)

As one of the world’s largest brewers, we have a responsibility to promote responsible water use. Beer is 95% water. #HEINEKENBaBW - @HEINEKENCorp (tweet)

HEINEKEN recently announced a partnership with The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). They will work together in a range of sustainability issues that will promote inclusive growth in developing countries, including HEINEKEN’s water stewardship initiatives. #HEINEKENBaBW served as a great opportunity to chat with both organizations and the future of the partnership.

Recently, @HEINEKENCorp announced a partnership with @UNIDO, what inspired this partnership? #HEINEKENBaBW - @3BLMedia (tweet)

Global demand for water has doubled over the last 50 years and is expected to increase by another 40% by 2030. #HEINEKENBaBW - @HEINEKENCorp (tweet)

We believe that together with partners like @UNIDO we can have a real impact on communities.  #HEINEKENBaBW - @HEINEKENCorp (tweet)

BK: Ultimately, @UNIDO we want to improve the lives of people in developing countries and make a meaningful contribution #HEINEKENBaBW - @HEINEKENCorp (tweet)

Water is an important topic that everyone should be concerned with, especially companies and organizations that need water for their production. During the chat, the audience shared their own insights as to why businesses should consider their impact on water resources.

Leading companies have proven protecting water can change business & protect resources.  #HEINEKENBaBW @CSRwire - @tetrapak_uscan (tweet)

Since 2006, @HEINEKENCorp joins 22 leading bevcos in Bev. Industry Envt Roundtable -  #BIER #HEINEKENBaBW - @AnteaGroup (tweet)

Platforms worth checking out on brewing & water:  #HEINEKENBaBW - @alexisjmorgan (tweet)

Once our formal questions for our panelists wrapped up, we quickly moved into answering LIVE questions from the audience. So many great questions rolled in that our HEINEKEN and UNIDO representatives stayed a little longer to answer as many as possible.

Question for our panelists: what do you envision success looking like 5-10 years down the road for this program? #HEINEKENBaBW - @AnteaGroup (tweet)

Great that @HEINEKENCorp has improved its efficiency, but is its absolute water consumption decreasing to account for eflows? #HEINEKENBaBW - @alexisjmorgan (tweet)

Heineken, have you ever worked alongside other industry leaders to share best practices and collaborate on #water issues? #heinekenbabw - @CSRtist (tweet)

Our #HEINEKENBaBW Twitter chat  kept our panelists on their toes for over an hour. Our thanks to HEINEKEN and UNIDO for letting us explore their partnership and water stewardship initiatives. Please check out the Storify archive of the chat and if you have further questions for our panelists, be sure to tag @HEINEKENCorp and @UNIDO while including #HEINEKENBaBW in your tweets.

A huge thank you to our guests @HEINEKENCorp and @UNIDO for sharing their insights with us! #HEINEKENBaBW - @3BLMedia (tweet)

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