VolunteerMatch 2011 Annual Report Infographic: The Story of You

Jun 27, 2012 9:15 PM ET

Who doesn’t love infographics? That was part of our thought process when we set out to create the 2011 VolunteerMatch Annual Report. We already have a track record of fun annual reports, as evidenced by our 2009 Prezi and our 2010 video. So we figured an infographic would be another fun way to get people involved in our report.

But this was only part of our thought process. Because infographics are also great ways to present data and information clearly so that people more easily understand the message. This year’s VolunteerMatch Annual Report provides this type of clear glimpse into what the Web’s largest volunteer engagement network looks like.

By exploring the infographic you’ll get an idea of VolunteerMatch’s scope, vitality and impact. And you’ll be able to follow the data being presented and the story being told.

It’s a very human story – about you. About your engagement, your participation, and your generosity. You can see where volunteers are spending their time, what they are interested in and where they are coming from.

Your story’s heroes (you) created $640 million worth of volunteer service, with a budget of just under $4.5 million. This means that you created $145 in social value for every $1 spent.

We are very proud of this story, of the work we do and of you, the people we serve. Thank you for all of your hard work and support.

Click here to view the entire report.

Robert Rosenthal
+1 (415) 241-6865