Why I Love the Sustainability Report Assurance Process

A geeky confession to my fellow report editors
Jul 31, 2012 4:45 PM ET

By Lynnette McIntire, Sustainability Communications, UPS

I admit I may be delirious from all the number crunching, prose dissecting, and painful proofreading. But in these waning days before our next sustainability report is published, I confess that I enjoy the assurance process.

It’s not the general attitude. After all, a bunch of accountants come into your world for a rigorous review of your numbers. They require (gasp) documentation to prove your “facts”. They find those discrepancies between last year and this year. They challenge your subject matter experts on the methodology of their charts and graphs. And to be honest, they take a lot of glee in your mistakes.

So why am I a fan of this torture? Because it brings accountability to the internal process.

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