Why Monetary Circulation Is Critical to Business Sustainability

Jun 9, 2010 9:21 AM ET

Have you ever observed a once thriving business, product line, or even an innovative idea suddenly begins to fail and eventually disappear?  Maybe it was a place of business you have been going to for years, and it is now closing down.  Why might this have happened?  The answer may lie in a second question: Was sustainability an engrained part of this company’s strategies and operations? 

But what does ‘greening’ a business have to do with its profitability?
Business sustainability is often reduced to environmental or social action.  While certainly two very important areas of focus, business sustainability is really about taking action to maintain the on-going health and profitability of the company as a business strategy.  This includes valuing the relationship with the environment and social stakeholders.
Sometimes viewed in terms of risk, sustainable business actions are activities which have a positive impact on either the inbound or outbound flow of money.  For example most business sustainability concepts can be tied to: click here to continue reading.

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